LXNAV Connect
Makes your life as a pilot much easier. LXNAV Connect connects your device to various web providers and data sources.
Supported services
Current weather and forecasts.
Highly detailed maps for your device.
Flight upload
Upload your flights to external services.
File storage
External services can be used to upload and download files needed by your device(s).
Sync and tasks
Synchronize your LXNAV Pilot profile settings and tasks across your devices.
Notams and updates
Get NOTAMs and updates directly on your device.
Supported devices
Supported devices with integration for LXNAV Connect
Supported software
LX Styler

LX Styler is a comprehensive customization tool for the LX80/90xx system. It enables you to modify, add, or remove existing navigational pages and graphical elements.

Your profiles & checklists can be uploaded to your file storage services. This allows all your devices that support LXNAV Connect to easily access them.

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NanoConfig for Android

NanoConfig is a configuration tool for all Nano flight recorders, compatible with both the Windows operating system and the Android platform. With this tool, you can edit pilot information, declare tasks, and configure the flight recorder settings.

You can use this software to download flights from your Nano and using LXNAV Connect upload them to your file & flight storage services, or send them to an email.

Download additional maps

Using LXNAV Connect your device(s) can download vector and rester maps from external services.

Weather services
SkySight, TopMeteo, and Rain radar

Enhance your LXNAV device with detailed weather information and forecasts. This information from the services can be directly displayed on your device's screen.

Profile sync
LXStyler & Profile sync

Profile sync allows you to have a single profile synced across multiple devices. You can easily edit your profile with LXStyler and save it to your file storage.

When you turn on your LX80/90xx device, it will automatically sync your profile from your file storage of your choice. To enable profile sync upload or download the profile to/from your file storage and confirm the “Sync” option.

Viewing NOTAMs

LXNAV Connect supports several services that enable your device to display NOTAMs (Notices to Airmen).

File storage
Uploading & retrieving files

LXNAV Connect supports several 3rd party services that provide cloud based file storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox. We create a single folder on your storage provider, and only manage files within that folder. LXNAV Connect will NOT read, change or delete any files outside the folder it has created.

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